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To Move an order to production Woodmsiths requires the following items:

  • Signed Contract
  • Signed Shop Approvals
  • Signed Order Acknowledgements
  • Deposit Of 50%

Our Products are custom made for a unique setting and purpose using specified materials defined by the customer or designers. Materials typically cost 80% of the purchase price of the product. Once custom materials are ordered, they cannot be retuned. Sizing, the first step in the manufacturing process, typically precludes the use of the raw materials for any other purpose other than that for which it was ordered. This is the nature of custom goods. For the protection of our customers and our business Woodsmiths tries to ensure that wee understand the intent of the customer and have translated that intent to the correct materials and artistic rendering. To that end we require a signed contract that acknowledges the materials, quantities, and timing of an order. We then ask for a signed copy of shop or engineering drawings, which ensures we understand the dimensions, and look of the product. Once the Purchase order is written, we create and order acknowledgement that we ask the customer to sign to ensure that throughout the design process we have not missed any change and fully understand the final objectives of the customer. Finally we ask for a deposit of 50% of the purchase price of the job. Over the last 2 years Woodsmiths has been taken advantage to the value of over $250,000 from customers who did not pay a deposits and reneged on their commitments. For that reason we must insist on the observance of our policies.

Manufacturing Times

Because of the organic nature of the raw materials and chemicals we use, there is always some schedule fluctuations that occur based on temperature, humidity and chemical reactions. Our typical manufacturing times are between 6 and 8 weeks, or as defined in our contract. Typically, we will contact the customer 10 days before the scheduled ship date and communicate our progress. If there is an issue with an order, we will call the customer to inform them of the issue and define options.

Expedite Fees

Customers often require products at a specified location in advance of our 6-8 week schedule. Though we do offer expedited service, we must charge the customer for this service.  

Why do we charge expedite fees for orders requiring a guaranteed delivery date?

  • Raw Materials- In order to create custom products, we often require specific raw materials. If these materials are not on hand, they may have to be ordered in smaller batches and shipped in an expedited fashion. This increases costs.
  • Yield- If materials are not cut or processed in batches to maximize yield, lower yields occur. Individual processing results in higher unit costs.
  • Overtime- Each of our manufacturing operations has finite resources. We do not maintain excess labor as to do so would be inefficient and drive up our overall costs. If backlogs occur at any station, overtime may have to be used to process the order. We pay a livable wage and are required by law to pay overtime at a minimum of time and a half for hours worked over 40 hours per week. Overtime costs exponentially drive up unit costs.
  • Overhead- Anytime an order is processed out of production sequence, it must be handled specially by planning staff. Coordinating materials, expedited delivery, calculating yields, scheduling machine production and overtime all require human labor that would not otherwise be used. Added to these human labor costs are the infrastructure costs of electricity, heating fuel, compressed air, vacuum, etc. for overtime hours.
  • Shipping- The final step in the process is getting the furniture to the site. If there is not enough time for standard delivery rates, expedited delivery must be scheduled, because "we promised". Expedited delivery's have fuel surcharges and labor surcharges.

Woodsmiths maintains competitive pricing by not having more resources than required. We cannot afford to absorb the above costs to "just guarantee delivery of a few tables". We will do our best. However we will not guarantee delivery under 8 weeks.

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